Tuesday, March 8, 2016

An Open letter to Pinkelephanttv1 Subscribers

Dear Friends,

Just a quick update to let you know I am in the process of updating Pink Elephant Tv and focusing on Self Love, Problem solving, Raising consciousness and more.

For some time I wasn't really sure exactly how I wanted to use this Platform. Years ago it began with musings of my Soul and as I have grown I wanted to refine my message here.

The Importance of Self love and the potential for expansion of Love in raising consciousness is becoming more and more important to me as a message that I would love to share with all.

So here is where I shall continue to Talk, share, Blog and Vlog about these matters of the Heart and Love.
Love as an inward state that can be expanded toward other people unconditionally and my own practice and comprehension of Self love.

I believe all Love to ultimately be Self love which as Steven covey told us many years ago in Seven habits of highly effective people:
"Seek first to understand and not to be understood"
Once you have enough love within yourself which is originated from yourself, you can take an active interest in other people.

In order to succeed in this, we must then learn how to unconditionally accept and love ourselves. Those of us who thought we were unlovable or not enough need more attention to this practice than perhaps others who were adored as children.

And Learning how to love ourselves unconditionally is a process an ongoing way in which we can get to know ourselves and like and love whom we are even in this moment.

In today's society that seems to more and more be all about Fear, Narcissism and scarcity I would like to share with you my ideas on wholeness, Self affirmation, Self belief and Self confidence.

My message very simply is to teach you ways in which you can feel wonderfully about who you are, without ever needing to compare yourself to anyone.

There is no need to copy anyone in their own search for identity and instead to learn how to courageously create your own.

This Platform is about encouragement for those of you who have always struggled with Internal wholeness and Harmony due to an unconscious perception that you were some how not enough.

I will share ways in which to raise Self worth, Internal satisfaction and Self Perception for a fulfilling Self assured Self image.

This is to counteract the massive media spin that seemingly celebrates outward strangely constructed images of beauty without ever acknowledging a need for Kindness, wholeness and Inner Beauty.
My goal is to contribute towards a different way in which we can collectively change and improve all of our relating to self and others without the need for criticism and Judgment.

It is absolutely possible for us to change ourselves and in this way to create a movement of love all around us.

If you want change, it ultimately begins within us, with me, with you. If you want to learn my thoughts and Ideas on these matters then come along for the ride, you are welcome.

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In love,


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fully Engage in the Present | Pink Elephant Tv

In order to experience Life at 1,000% there will be:

Some Highs
Some Lows
Some In betweens
And in order to get the most out of all of them one must be willing to Feel at full tilt. Of course this does not mean one should live in Pain.

One must be open to the idea that, sometimes You can experience:
Ecstasy and Bliss
Blah and disconnect
Lows or Sorrow

And there is Value in Each one. The problem begins when a person tries their hardest to Mute their emotions and Numb themselves with distractions.

The Intensity of Feeling ____________ (anything) actually means you are alive and you are living.
You are wide awake in your own experience of consciousness. In your own evolution.

So live in the moment and fully engage in the present and not, the Pain or the What if's but just the moment, However the moment presents itself let this be a reflection of your internal world and Internal (the only real) direction.

What will you do with this information ? 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Love yourself more - The Self love process with Nadia Harper

How can you love yourself even more?
How can you begin to appreciate yourself, instead of expecting other people to appreciate you or becoming moody because you don't think they do?

How can you focus on just how amazing you are?
How can you make the right Decisions for yourself, decisions that honour you and make you the feel good in the long run?

Using the Self love Process of Course.
I created this Process for you to Thrive, so make it work for you and apply it all the time.
This is a Mindset, a Filter, A process and it definitely changes how you think of yourself.

So instead of saying "Why do They Treat me like that" say "Here is How I treat myself".
That way you are creating your own reality.

Lets Go everyone, if you are using this and you love it send me your response on instagram or twitter using hashtag #TSLP Let's make it happen together.

If you want to know more about Neuro linguistic programming then visit my NLP Blog at www.NLPisFun.com Thanks for coming speak soon.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year,
What an exciting time, a Time to commit to yourself with focused positive Action.
When I look back to my own journey since first starting this Blog, I can see personal development continues to shape my life.
It really just boils down to consistent action.

This is actually a decision, a decision that involves staying in a mindset of :

Challenging myself
Learning more about myself
Self love
Going for it
Refining what I want and believe I can have
Adjusting Relationships that are working and those that need changing
Being courageous against all odds
Making progress consistently
Emotional well being even when being caught off guard with a massive blow
Showing up even on the challenging days
Being relentless in goal execution
Incredible Self belief when there is no real evidence of Succeeding
Welcoming Challenge as a part of life
Being committed to the Process no matter what.

While it is not easy, it is worth it, and consistent application of Mind Mastery has made every possible difference to my life.
I welcome you to this journey no matter where you are in this process.
If you are just beginning, I invite you to get on board, you will be glad you did.

Wishing you all you wish for yourself and so much more, Happy New Year let's make it count.
Much love,

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rest In Peace Robin Williams

Rest in Peace Robin Williams, you succeeded in touching all of our lives in a very gentle way.
I hope you can feel some sort of peace now.
You spent your life attempting to make other people laugh and you were great at it.
Always caring for others
And Yet ...
Within you, you were plagued with a sadness that succeeded, in changing your perception of what was good about you and your accomplishments.

You forgot how important you were and how much you were loved.
You saw yourself as filth which you were not, you found yourself useless and it was not true
Just an Illusion, presented by your mind, and you believed it to be true, so much so that you could think of nothing else.
Lost in a sea of Fear and anxiety.
Unfortunately you lost in your Battle for the mind.
I and many others wish you peaceful rest and some sort of sanctuary that you were unable to find here.
May God Bless your beautiful soul.

I am reminded of this beautiful Poem  Stop all the Clocks" by W. H. Auden Featured in Four Weddings and a Funeral movie.

We Shall miss you beautiful Robin, and perhaps even because of your  sudden death and departure from us, we will become more aware of others, who are struggling with Depression and Addiction.
Robin Williams Departure can put many things into perspective on a grander and more personal scale.
We can all for just a moment pause and find out it this means anything to you.

And if anyone who is reading this ever thinks of ending their own life please share your pain with somebody who can help you.
Somebody can and somebody will. No matter how awful or ashamed you feel, the Universe, God, Source loves you unconditionally and perhaps now you can learn how to love yourself too.

You are important, to me and many other people even when they are mad at you or seem not to love you in the way you feel as if you want to be loved.
Please stay and learn how to program your mind, into believing there is something bigger and better for your life than this one moment of pain.
Please be diligent in your own sanity and be forever Blessed Dear reader.
In absolute love,

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Small Shift in Attitude

If you want it then say so, instead of speaking about all of the things you are sick of.
Connect in detail to all of the reasons that you want it.
See yourself being successful
Hear yourself supporting yourself and other people affirming your desires
Feel the joy of your accomplishment
Now Go for it!

Change your entire focus, from the pain of the problem and the symptoms of not having what you want, to what it will be like when you have it.

Only Focus on what your life will be like, when you have it.
Now make plans that all move in the direction of having it, and keep your mind, body and soul alight in anticipation of that.

You can have, what you think you can have.
If it doesn't happen overnight, do not panic.

As your beliefs change in anticipation of it, you are welcoming it and it will come to you.
Act as if you know this no matter what, your circumstances look like, sound like or seem like.

Only Focus on what you want.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Believe what you want

As the Thinker thinks, The Prover proves Robert Anton Wilson.
What is your mind believing in today, for you and for your life.
Are you focusing on the best outcome possible for yourself, or are you dreading the worst.
Your Circumstances do not predict your future, or in fact your lifestyle.

In order to experience your current circumstances in the future you must make sure you are doing everything that you are doing now.
Do you like what you are doing now?
So if you want something else, do something else
If you want something better, do something better.
And also what about releasing all judgement of your own behavior.

Remember your past has Passed and you are the only one who can turn the page for your life.
Believe that you really can live a life with  joy, peace and abundance as your own reality.