Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween will you see your Future Husband Tonight ?

Happy Halloween Everyone, OR SHOULD I say Old Hallow's Eve

When I was a little girl maybe 10 or something I lived in England and knew that on Old Hallows Eve it was a magical night for love spells and revelations.

So I wanted to introduce these Celtic Traditions to you as I am not sure if they are Traditions that are passed down in USA.

Seeing your Husband at Midnight

When Night falls sit on a chair in front of the mirror and light the room with only a candle just before midnight you will see the reflection of your future husband in the mirror and if you turn around you will miss him, he will depart and you will never ever see him again or marry him.

Your Husbands initials will be revealed

Get a Bowl of water and an apple and cut all the skin off the Apple while leaving the skin all in one piece.
Just before midnight drop the apple skin in the water by candle light and the initials of your husband will be revealed to you.

These are the two I remember there may be more it was such a long time ago, and I kind of think like all oral History bits get added and taken away over time.

If you have stories please share them as I will be interested in finding out other Traditions and bits.

I hope this gave you some fun ideas. If you are going out and about this evening be safe and make sure your kiddies are safe too.

If you cant think of anything to be here is a halloween Make up Tutorial from You Tube ... There are tons of them I love watching them.

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